Premier League Top Scorers

Using Opta/EPL Index data, I have looked at shooting metrics for the current top 5 goalscorers this season in the English Premier League.

With 4 players on 10 goals, and Jermain Defoe in 5th place with 9 goals, there would seem to be little to tell the players apart. I have presented some simple ratios below to dig a little deeper into how we might compare their shooting efficiency.

Graphs created below as at 05/12/12:

Shooting stats 5 Dec 2012
Big Chance stats 5 Dec 2012

  • Michu (full name Miguel Pérez Cuesta) stands out as being the only player on the list considered by many to be more of a midfielder than a striker. For me, he should be ranked #1 in this shortlist because of his excellent goals rate despite having on average only 2.79 shots per 90mins. He is currently scoring 56% of his shots on target which shows that he has made his opportunities count. This is backed up by an excellent 67% conversion rate of big chances to goals.
  • Suarez has a very high shooting rate per 90mins, averaging just under 6 shots per game, however he has played more minutes than the rest of the group and therefore has the lowest rate of goals per 90mins.
  • Demba Ba has the highest shots on target per 90mins, and he has the lowest playing time, both contributing to give him the best goals rate per 90mins stat: 0.78 per game. However, his goals per shots on target rate is equal lowest with Suarez.
  • RVP has had the highest rate of big chances per 90mins at 1.67 but he also has the lowest conversion rate at 33%. No doubt he will be looking to improve this as the season develops.
  • Defoe is rather trigger-happy (still not quite at Suarez’s level!) but his shots on target per shot ratio is more healthy at 38% of shots. He also has the second highest big chance economy rate with currently 56% of big chances converted that have fallen his way.

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