Xmas Gift Ideas from the Premier League: Pt 1

A short post on some of the stranger merchandise available from the online shops of top football clubs. Most clubs seem to stock very similar products to each other, but with their own insignia. However there are still some absolute gems to be had. If before now you didn’t believe that football is a business then think again! I would be very interested to know how well these products actually sell…

NUFC: The undisputed champions of strange football-related merchandise.

  • Whey-Aye Man fancy dress costume – How many of these have they sold?! It’s both ingenious and terrifying
  • NUFC second skin – Why bother buying the replica shirt, shorts and socks when you can have this timeless black & white striped morph suit?
  • NUFC Santa Suit – a snip at £12.99. Perfect for die-hard fans who won’t even accept seeing santa in red & white!

WAFC: Wigan’s club shop is a disappointingly muted affair compared to most other club shops.


  • Hoody hippo – A bold move by Arsenal to sell other soft toys in direct competition to their beloved Gunnersaurus, who incidently looks like he might be infringeing the design copyright of Yoshi from Super Mario


  • Eagle Gnome – The design on this is incomprehensible. Perhaps it makes sense to Man City fans?


  • Third Kit Shirt – The only shirt that makes this list of weird merchandise. What’s with the tattoo sleeves?
  • Personalised Rosé Wine – They do personalised red, white wine and champagne as well if you’re interested. This next part is directly copied from the product description: Le Ruisselet offers drinkers an exciting glimpse of excellent French everyday vino


  • Prefect Badge – Relive your school prefect days with this wonderful badge! This is a must buy if you are going to a ‘AVFC 6th form school’-themed party


  • Garden Santa Stop Here Sign – Other clubs have this as well. Not sure how this product would fare on Dragon’s Den. Still, if you travel around SW London front gardens are full of these things (insert your own joke on what Chelsea fans are wishing for)


  • Weaning Bowl – Make absolutely sure your child is not tempted by the allure of the ‘noisy neighbours’ MCFC from an early age

That’ll do for now I think, but there are certainly more great football-related gifts out there. Tweet at me: @ChrisJLilley with your favourites and I’ll put them in another review.


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