The English (Clubs) Are Coming!

No analysis here, just some general information and a colouring-in exercise…

Preseason tours to far-away countries are now a common occurence for Premier League clubs due to high overseas demand of the product that is the Premier League. The product is now well-established in Asia – many teams are now also trying to promote market growth in North America and Africa.

9 out of 20 teams in the League next season are staying put in Europe for their preseason, whilst newly promoted Cardiff and Crystal Palace have no plans to travel out of the UK.

Germany, USA and Hong Kong are among the most popular destinations but even Costa Rica and the Bahamas are on the itineraries this summer.

Anyway here’s a crude colour-filled map of the world illustrating the geographical areas that the current 20 teams have targeted in the alternative race to be the most profitable football club. I’ve arbitrarily split the countries that more than 1 team is going to – not by city or island in case you’re wondering.

EPL Preseason Tours 2013Countries visited by EPL teams 20132013 Pre-season overseas countries visited per team, according to

Arsenal: Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Finland

Aston Villa: Germany, Ireland

Cardiff: N/A

Chelsea: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA

Crystal Palace: N/A

Everton: USA, Austria

Fulham: Costa Rica, Germany

Hull City: Portugal

Liverpool: Indonesia, Australia, Thailand

Man City: South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Finland

Man Utd: Thailand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden

Newcastle Utd: Portugal

Norwich City: USA, Portugal

Southampton: Spain, Austria

Stoke City: USA

Sunderland: Hong Kong

Swansea City: Netherlands,

Tottenham Hotspur: Bahamas, Hong Kong, Monaco

West Brom: Germany, Hungary

West Ham Utd: Ireland, Germany


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