The use of analytics in sport has incredible potential to advance performance on and off the field.

Although my posts are inherently opinionated, I try to maintain a focus on objective quantifiable information rather than subjective opinion and impulse. I am enthusiastic for the careful application of analytics in all sport, however my focus is on Premier League football.

I am a financial analyst and CFA charterholder turned sports analyst, based in London. I also write content for Kickdex.


1 thought on “About

  1. Albrecht Zimmermann

    Dear Mr. Lilley,

    I am writing you because Prof. Jesse Davis of the Catholic University Leuven and I plan to propose a workshop on sports analytics at the European Conference for Machine Learning (ECML) 2013 in Prague and we were wondering whether we could interest you in acting as a reviewer of submissions (and/or submit something yourself).

    You are receiving this message because Prof. Davis’ PhD student Jan van Haren identified you as actively participating in the MCFC Analytics programme.

    We’d also appreciate it if you could point us towards some other researchers that might be interested (or advertise our workshop to them).

    best regards, A Zimmermann


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