Links to a selection of my posts, with the most recent at the top:

Football & Politics – I visited the House of Lords to hear about football and duly wrote about it! 25 July 2013

EPL Debated in the House of Lords

Using Past Performance to Predict Future Success – historical points, goal difference and positions for each team in the EPL. 12 July 2013

Using Past Performance to Predict Future Success

Team Dependencies – radar charts for every EPL team plus data from TPOEM on all players in the Premier League 2012/13. 9 July 2013

Team Strengths, Weaknesses & Dependencies

The Premier League Seasonal Story? – a discussion of regression to the mean, macro analysis and the structure of the Premier League. 30 June 2013

The Premier League Seasonal Story?

A Team to Challenge Everton? – an exercise in using TPOEM to select a starting 11 from players at teams outside of the top 7, with various constraints. 27 June 2013

Hypothetical Team to Challenge for the Top 6

TPOEM EPL Player Awards 2012/13 – a selection of top and bottom 10 players from the TPOEM model I created. 25 June 2013

TPOEM EPL Player Awards 2012/13

Premier League Fixture Chart In Numbers 2013/14 – difficulty charts and pressure points for every team’s fixtures in the league. 22 June 2013

Original (Linear)          Adjusted

Premier League Reviews 2012/13 by team – brief discussions of each team’s season story, strengths/weaknesses, squad depth and best players. 6 – 14 June 2013

Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Everton  Fulham Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle United Norwich City Queens Park Rangers Reading Southampton Stoke City Sunderland Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur West Bromwich Albion West Ham United Wigan Athletic

The Science + Football Exhibition – London March 2013 – highlights from the lecture theatre, in 2 parts. 26-28 March 2013

S+F Part 1      S+F Part 2

The Sports Analytics Innovation Summit – London March 2013 – highlights from the conference, in 3 parts. 21-23 March 2013

SAIS Part 1    SAIS Part 2     SAIS Part 3

TPOEM – since early March 2013 you’ll see plenty of references on these pages to TPOEM, which is my model for attributing player ability by statistics, and at various times I have expanded on how I use it: primarily for player appraisal and match prediction. A fairly simple early overview was given in this post, but I am constantly trying to improve the model and increasing its sophistication. 4 March 2013

Introducing The Power Of Eleven Model

Dribbling! – I took a light-hearted view of the simple (and fairly flawed) statistics of ‘dribbles attempted’ and ‘successful dribbles’ for players/teams in the Premier League from 2011-12 and the season to date. 22 January 2013

Dribbling Heroes & Villains   Dribbling Wizardry   Defence Against Dribbling

Different Views of the League Table – Teams ranked by shots taken in various guises. 8 January 2013

Different Views of the League Table

FIFA Rankings – I used FIFA’s country rankings to come up with some interactive charts using Tableau. 19-20 December 2012

FIFA Top 50: 2002-2012       Top 10 FIFA Countries      FIFA Top 30 Stalwarts

Player Impacts, With & Without Stats 2011-12 – a fairly controverial method applied to try to understand player contributions, with use of Tableau charts. 23 October 2012

PI: Goals For & Conceded   PI: Average Points   PI: Discussion

Premier League Dream Team 2011-12 – the culmination of my pieces on player ratings by position. 10 October 2012

2011-12 Dream Team

Formations and Game Changers 2011-12 – my earliest posts looked at the formations used and substitutions/red cards for the 2011-12 season. 6 – 12 September 2012

Two banks of four   Substitutions    Red cards


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